I Did It!

No week is more fun than White Ribbon Week! Empowering kids through media literacy!

I did it! I organized a White Ribbon Week in my kid’s school! Nothing is more rewarding than empowering hundreds of children to be safe online.  You don’t need to be a technology expert. Anyone can do it! Just follow the step-by-step guide exactly or add some fun of your own! 


Take a look at what these White Ribbon Week heroes did in their own neighborhood schools. You can do it too! And we’re always here to help. 

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“We did it! We carried out an awesome “I’ve Got the Power” week. We had hundreds of entries to our coloring contect, a super fun photo booth and lunchtime activities. Huge success! Thank you so much for this great program.”


- Jamie J., parent


What the Experts Say

"American children desperately need guidance and support in knowing how to make the use of technology a vehicle for healthy connection, civility, productivity, innovation and enrichment. The White Ribbon Week curricula fulfills a critical piece of this necessary and collective effort, and empowers children to take an active and thoughtful role in their online choices and safety to become responsible digital citizens. The high-quality and engaging materials are worthy of inclusion in every school’s repertoire, and I would add any parent’s arsenal, for combating Internet pornography, online predation, cyberbullying and other risks the Internet era has brought forth into our homes, schools and public square at large."

—  Donna Hughes, President & CEO, Enough is Enough


"White Ribbon Week has created a truly impressive line-up of curricula which teach elementary school-age children skills and messages which, if internalized, will have a lasting, positive impact on how they navigate an increasingly complex and media-saturated landscape. I like how the program encourages healthy and ongoing communication about media use within families and with other trusted adults, and fosters an informed network of media mentors for children by developing connections between home, school and parent volunteers. The fact that the program is cost-effective and easy to administer gives me hope that schools across the country will be able to benefit from this innovative program. If all children could be exposed to this content, we would have a fighting chance of curbing cyberbullying and Internet addictions, and promoting positive digital citizenship."


—  Jill Manning, PhD, Mental Health Practitioner & Researcher

“You don’t need to be a technology expert to implement this program. It’s easy and meaningful. I saw students begin to make healthier choices online. I would recommend this program to every elementary school.” 


-Julie Mootz, Principal

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