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White Ribbon Week

Digital Citizenship for schools and families

What We Do

Our kids spend more time than ever in the online world—with its limitless possibilities and its dangerous pitfalls. We owe it to them to provide all the tools they need to be safe. 


White Ribbon Week makes it easy for you to empower children with simple, kid-friendly messages and activities.  Combining information from the latest research and utilizing the power of positivity, our materials prepare even the youngest kids to recognize online dangers and navigate technology safely.  


With our clearly outlined school programs, you can easily share these great messages with your school and community.

What is White Ribbon Week?

White Ribbon Week consists of 5 fun-filled days at school to help students think carefully about their online choices. 


White Ribbon Week addresses many issues including online safety, cyberbullying, indecent media, screen time and emotional wellness. 


Anyone can organize White Ribbon Week in their own local elementary school by simply following the step-by-step guide. It’s easy!


How Can I Help?

We’re passionate about empowering kids.  Whether in your own home or own neighborhood school, you can make a big difference. Add your voice to this important cause!


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What People Are Saying

“Thumbs-up from parents, teachers and administrators!”

“I work with the PTA at our local elementary school. We have used these White Ribbon Week programs over the last 5 years and they have all been great! They have great directions that make it easy to do. The students are learning these important lessons and it's making a difference!”

- Emily B., PTA Volunteer


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