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Brain Power


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All new Brain Power explores the current fascinating research about brain science and media. What’s happening in my brain when I play video games? Does my screen time actually affect my brain? Is there a connection between media and depression? How does technology influence my attention? What can I do to boost my brain power and my emotional mood? 


This exciting program gives kids powerful tools to protect their brains and emotional health.They learn to use media intentionally. They practice reframing negative thoughts, consciously choosing media content and plugging in to the adventure of real life. 

How Does “Brain Power” Work?

Anyone can organize Brain Power in their neighborhood school with this easy step-by-step guide.  Everything needed is included — scripted morning announcements, classroom discussion questions and fun lunchtime activities. 


In this exciting, hands-on program, students learn what a brain feels like and how many neurons make one hundred billion! They'll learn what a frontal lobe can do and how to calm the limbic system. 


Each day's "Power Boost" comes from a letter in B.R.A.I.N. and reminds kids of a way to protect and boost their Brain Power. 

B —I have an amazing BRAIN!

R —I RESPECT others.

A —I look for ADVENTURE.

I — I use media with INTENTION.

N —I am NICE to myself. 

Students are challenged to try 24 new brain-boosting activities with "Brain Bingo." They'll learn first-hand all about those feel-good chemicals of serotonin, and endorphins and how to get them!

Illustrated Waves

Choose the Right Package

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What Do I Need?

We’ve made it super easy to choose just the right materials for your school with package options. You can also order individual items a la carte from the PURCHASE menu above. 


Gotta Have

1 Physical copy of the Step-by-Step Facilitator Guide

15 Physical copies of the Classroom Discussion Guide

Every program starts with these two key elements. They include every planning detail along with reproducibles for teachers, parents and students. 

The scripted Discussion Guide helps teachers and students explore how technology affects emotional wellness and  everyday ideas for strengthening the brain.



Basic Package

The essentials plus a few extras for lunchtime

activities and fun at home.

  • 1 Physical copy of the Step-by-Step Facilitator Guide

  • 15 Classroom Discussion Guides

  • 500 Brain Power Bookmarks

  • 500 "Cool to be Kind" stickers

  • 6 Brain Chemical posters

  • 2 Brain Power posters

  • 500 “My Power Plan” ‘color-me’ media plans

BP basic.png

Have more than 500 students?  Order additional items as needed from the box below.


Power Pack


Best deal and simplest solution—Everything you need for a fun-filled week all in one box!

  • 1 Physical copy of the Step-by-Step Facilitator Guide

  • 15 Classroom Discussion Guides

  • 500 Brain Power Bookmarks

  • 500 Cool to be Kind stickers

  • 500 Brain erasers

  • 6 Neurochemicals Posters

  • 2 Brain Power Posters

  • 1 vinyl Brain Power Banner

  • 500 Physical “Power Up for Families” conversation workbooks

Have more than 500 students? Order additional items as needed from the box below.  


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