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Brain Power explores all the new and fascinating research about brain science and media. What’s happening in my brain when I play video games? Does my screen time actually affect my brain? Is there a connection between media and depression? How does technology influence my attention? What can I do to boost my brain power and my emotional mood? 


In a world in which kids are immersed in media and technology 24/7 it’s important to know how media influences the brain and to make conscious choices for physical and mental health. 


How Does “Brain Power” Work?

In this exciting hand-on program, students learn about a new section of the brain each day along with a helpful neurochemical. Kids are excited to teach their families about serotonin and endorphins and how to get them! 


Students visit the “Brain Center” each day during lunch to try a new brain-boosting food, physical activity and mental activity. 


On the second week of this program, students, and their families are invited to try a Brain Power Challenge.


Whether they choose the sleep challenge, the movement challenge or screen time challenge, they’ll be able to see firsthand the impact on their brain and emotional state. 

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What Do I Need?

We’ve made it super easy to choose just the right materials for your school.

1 Physical copy of the Step-by-Step Facilitator Guide

15 Physical copies of the Classroom Discussion Guide

Gotta Have

Every program starts with these two key elements. They include every planning detail along with reproducibles for teachers, parents and students. 

The Discussion Guide gives teachers stories, the latest science and meaningful questions to discuss each day’s  section of the brain and neurochemical. 

Basic Package

Check back in September 2021 for the totally new Brain Power Program!


Power Pack

Check back in September 2021 for the totally new Brain Power Program!