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For Families

Media Conversations for Families

“I know we need to talk about that… but how?”


POWER UP makes it easy for families to have open and positive conversations about media and technology through stories, role plays, activities and games. Power Up is a valuable at-home supplement for your school’s White Ribbon Week to involve families in the conversation of media safety. Any of the six Power Up issues will coordinate with any of the White ribbon Week school programs. 


Power UP is not a lecture. Each mini magazine provides parents with fun ways to welcome input from family members and create a family plan together.


Enjoy strengthening your family relationships one conversation at a time!

Illustrated Waves

Choosing the Right Program

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Illustrated Waves

How Does Power Up Work?

There are six Power UP conversation workbooks, each focusing on a media issue such as Power to Choose, Kindness, Being Safe Online or Empathy. They are available for individual family purchase or in bulk as an at-home supplement to a school’s White Ribbon Week program. 


Each of the Power Up issues walks families through what-if” scenarios and fun family games. Parents can choose to do all 4 sections in an organized family meeting or as separate casual discussions throughout over time.

The value of Power UP is in the process—talking, weighing options, making a plan and playing together. The benefits of these conversations will flow into every other aspect of family relationships.

What's Included in "Power Up For Families?"

  • Let’s Talk—an engaging story to get your family thinking and talking.

  • Let’s Practice—role plays to practice decision-making.

  • Let’s Plan—a colorful graphic to record your own family plan.

  • Let’s Play—a fun game to review learning together.

  • 5 Tips for parents—clear, doable actions you can implement today.


Does your family include a wide range of ages? No worries! Each Power Up has variations for littles, middles and teens. 


My Power Plan

Classroom Furnitures

My Power Plan is a personal media plan for each child. When children are able to participate in creating family rules, they are much more likely to internalize them and live by them. Making decisions in advance helps a child act with confidence when a moment of pressure or danger arises. 


This color-and-create Power Plan helps each child identify their own trusted adults while discussing family device-free zones and media rules. Color-coded instructions to parents on the reverse help them ask just the right questions. 


Printed full color on heavy cardstock, suitable for posting. Available in English and Spanish.

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