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Our Mission

White Ribbon Week programs build confident and resilient children who make conscious, positive choices in media and technology.

Our Values

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Our Story


In 2009, Deanna Lambson, elementary school teacher and mother of six saw a need for tools to help students stay safe online.  With the information being limited to statements like , “Be kind online!” or “Don’t give away your information.”, there was a void when it came to teaching children how to navigate a media-saturated world.


Determined to change that, Deanna enlisted the help of her friends, Sarah and Lisa, and began writing a program for their school.  They focused on creating something positive, easy, and kid-friendly.  “Our purpose is to leave kids feeling strong and empowered!”

Together they created “I’ve Got the Power,” a week-long program consisting of “Power Boost” affirmations and classroom discussions which give children the confidence to take ownership for their choices.  The success of the program, and the messages taught, quickly spread throughout the community and to other schools.  As one parent put it, “There is nothing out there like it.”  


Since then, Deanna and her team have created three additional programs and six companion discussion guides for families.  In 2016, this movement was created into a formal nonprofit 501c3 organization, White Ribbon Week, which has now been adopted in schools all across the country. 

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