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Do you know a child who plays video games for hours or a teen who can’t pull away from social media? Kids are more connected than ever, but sometimes at the expense of connecting in real life. 


Let’s Get Real helps kids become aware of their digital time and how it affects their emotional health and relationships. They explore healthy alternatives when they are feeling stressed or sad. They learn to balance their day by creating a colorful graph of their daily activities. 


Each day includes a fun take-home challenge to apply what they learn at school. This energetic week ends with a slide show of kids enjoying their favorite real life fun!


How Does “Let’s Get Real” Work?

Each morning, students listen to a daily “Power Boost” which becomes the password to participate in  fun lunchtime activities—such as designing a pennant or sending a positive “text” to a friend.

The Power Boosts

  • I will use technology to show kindness and respect.

  • I will give priority to real-life relationships.

  • I will choose healthy activities to handle stress and boredom.

  • I will choose to balance my day.

  • I will remember that not everything online is real.

Each day students receive an after school challenge which qualifies them for prize drawings. The week ends with a slide show highlighting photos of students enjoying life in the real world!

Illustrated Waves

Choose the Right Package

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What Do I Need?

We have made choosing the right material for your class super simple and easy.

1 Physical copy of the Step-by-Step Facilitator Guide

10 Physical copies of the Classroom Discussion Guide

Every program starts with these two key elements. The Facilitator Guide includes every planning detail including reproducibles for teachers, parents and students. The Discussion Guide provides a true story for each day and meaningful questions to internalize the daily Power Boost.


The essentials plus a few extras for lunchtime activities and fun at home.

  • 1 physical copy of Step-by-Step Facilitator Guide

  • 15 physical copies of Classroom Discussion Guides

  • 500 Let’s Get Real Bookmarks

  • 500 Tic Tac Toe stickers

  • 500 Emoji erasers

  • 500 “My Power Plan” ‘color-me’ media plan

The Basic Package provides materials for 500 students.


Best deal and simplest solution—Everything you need for a fun-filled week all in one box!

  • 1 Physical copy of the Step-by-Step Facilitator Guide

  • 15 Physical copies of the Classroom Discussion Guide

  • 500 Let’s Get Real Bookmarks

  • 500 Tic Tac Toe stickers

  • 500 Emoji erasers

  • 8 Posters (4 Power Boost and 4 Tic Tac Toe)

  • 1 vinyl Let’s Get Real Banner

  • 500 Physical “Power Up for Families” conversation workbooks

  • (Choose from  Power Up issues—”#2 “Be Kind Online” or  #4 “Turn it Off”.)

The Power Pack provides materials for 500 students/families.

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