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Let's Get Real

Let’s Get Real reminds kids that everyone needs real friendships, face-to-face, conversations, and real activity. It helps kids explore healthy alternatives to screens when they are feeling down.  


This week also helps kids be aware of how much time they’re spending on technology. As kids complete the daily “Get Real” challenge, they are entered in a drawing for fun activities.


I’ve Got The Power

I’ve Got the Power helps kids take charge of what they view and play. Their confidence grows in making decisions in all areas of their lives. 

Each morning, students memorize a “Power Boost” message. It becomes the “password” to participate in fun activities. Students design a class super-hero and discuss their responsibility for their own media choices. 


Media Detective

Be a Media Detective helps kids to T.H.I.N.K when presented with a media message. Is it TRUE? HOW did it get my attention? Is it a good choice for me?

This incredibly valuable week gives kids real skills for evaluating media whether in print, TV or online. Kids love earning their “mustache” as they become real media detectives!



Case Studies and Helpful Information

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Brain Power

Brain Power is a fun and fascinating exploration of the brain science involving media.  Does media actually change my brain? How much screen time is too much?


Kids and their families choose the sleep challenge, the outdoor challenge or the exercise challenge to see first-hand how it affects their body, emotions and mental health. Every day, kids are invited to the “Brain Center” to try new brain-boosting snacks and activities.



Regardless of which program you choose for your school, Power UP supports your in-school efforts with at-home family conversations. Select one of the six issues such as “Kindness Online” or “Being Safe Online.” 


This family conversation workbook makes it easy and fun for families to talk about media and to make a family plan together in the colorful graphic provided. 


Variations are included to engage little ones as well as teens. 

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