Do you know a child who plays video games for hours or a teen who can’t pull away from social media? Kids are more “connected” than ever, but sometimes at the expense of connecting in real life. Although technology can be used in unhealthy ways, does it mean we need to completely unplug? No! A bright future belongs to kids who embrace technology in healthy, positive and innovative ways.

Let’s Get Real is a positive, empowering curriculum which helps kids find a healthy balance between their real lives and digital experiences, and to use technology in positive ways.

How Does “Let’s Get Real” Work?

Each morning, students listen to a daily morning message containing a Power Boost, which becomes the password to participate in a fun lunchtime activity–such as designing a pennant or sending a positive “text” to a friend.


Power Boosts:

  1. “I will consciously swap media time for a real-life experience every day.”
  2. “I will always talk to a trusted adult if anything makes me feel uncomfortable or scared.
  3. “I will use technology to show kindness and respect to everyone.”
  4. “I will remember that not everything I see online is real.”
  5. “I will be aware of my “digital time” and consciously balance my life.”

Each day students receive an after school challenge which qualifies them for prize drawings. The week ends with a slide show highlighting photos of students enjoying life in the real world!


What’s Included with “Let’s Get Real?”

  • Planning checklist
  • Week at a glance
  • Daily power boosts,
  • morning announcements,
  • discussion questions
  • lunch time activity idea
  • Reproducible letters to teachers and parents
  • Outline for parent meeting
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Reproducible circle graph
  • Reproducible cell phone and “text” worksheet


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