Brain Power is a fun, exploration of the brain science involving media. How does media affect my brain? Can I increase my attention span? What activities strengthen brain power? How much screen time is too much? Does violent media actually make me more aggressive?

Brain Power teaches kids about the amazing capabilities of the brain and which Brain Dangers to watch out for.


How Does “Brain Power” Work?

Each morning, students watch a short video each morning teaching them specific strategies to prevent three media Brain Dangers.  They are:

  • Violent media
  • Indecent images
  • Too much screen time

Every day offers a new tip, and kids are challenged teach it to someone at home.

Throughout the entire week, kids are invited to stop by the Brain Center after lunch to try a new physical activity, mental challenge and brain boosting food. Students might put golf and eat edamame one day, while juggling or solving Sudoku the next! The week culminates with a video of brain-boosting activities, filmed and submitted by students themselves!


What’s Included with “Brain Power?”

  • Getting started instructions
  • Planning checklist
  • Week at a glance
  • Reproducible letters for parents and teachers
  • Parent, student and teacher surveys
  • Link to daily videos and discussion questions
  • Reproducible diagram of the brain
  • Tips for avoiding media violence
  • Tips for avoiding too much screen time
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Human checkers review game
  • How to set up a Brain Center
  • 9 ways to protect your child from brain danger handout


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