American teens average almost 11 hours of media consumption a day. It is crucial kids learn to think critically about the media messages surrounding them, whether on TV, online, in the movies, news, or print.

Be a Media Detective is a fun, media literacy program which teaches kids to evaluate if media messages present a healthy choice for them, and what to do when they don’t. A good detective must look at all the clues and T.H.I.N.K.!
T—Is it TRUE?
H—HOW does it get my attention?
I—IS it a good choice for me? I can choose!
N—What are they NOT telling me?
K—Do I KNOW who made the message and why?


How Does “Be a Media Detective” Work?

Each morning, students watch a short video about one of the T.H.I.N.K. letters and participate in a class discussion. Becoming a Media Detective is fun! Kids enjoy a breakfast cereal buffet while looking at marketing tricks used on a cereal box. Students also hunt for 40 Positive Media Messages hidden around the school in a Media Manhunt! Throughout the week as students participate in different activities they earn their Media Detective Mustache.  

Each day students receive an after school challenge which qualifies them for prize drawings. The week ends with a slide show highlighting photos of students enjoying life in the real world!


What’s Included with “Be a Media Detective?”

  • Getting started instructions
  • Planning checklist
  • Week at a glance
  • Reproducible letters for parents and teachers
  • Parent, student and teacher surveys
  • Link to daily video and discussion questions
  • Media manhunt statements
  • Cereal buffet invitation
  • Parent meeting outline
  • Frequently Asked Questions


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