White Ribbon Week programs build confident and resilient children who make conscious,

positive choices in media and technology.

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Our governing values:

White Ribbon Week is always positive and fun.

We promote using technology in safe, respectful and productive ways.

We empower children to take an active role in protecting themselves from harmful media.

We promote open and ongoing parent-child communication without judgment or shame.

We encourage children to adhere to their own unique family values.

We recognize pornography as damaging to individuals, families and society.

We do not use the word pornography in teaching children.

Our Scope:

The scope of our program promotes the safe, positive and creative use of technology while teaching skills to recognize and reject cyberbullying, online security dangers, harmful and manipulative media messages, media violence, excessive screen time, distorted body image and indecent content.



Whiteribbonweek.org provides these materials with the expectation that they will be used in a way consistent with our mission and values stated here. Presenting this material in any way contrary to our values or in a sexual or graphic way is not supported or endorsed by Whiteribbonweek.org. Adaptation of the program to meet specific school needs is appropriate within our value guidelines.  

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