What is White Ribbon Week?

White Ribbon Week is a positive school program presented by volunteers or teachers that helps kids make healthy choices in media and technology. Every day, kids learn a new principle of online behavior—reinforced through discussions and fun activities. This program is research based and kid tested.

Each of the four programs below contains a step-by-step guide so that you, or any volunteer can organize a successful white ribbon week in your neighborhood school. No big budgets needed. No assembly required.


Our Programs

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I’ve Got The Power

I’ve Got the Power helps kids take charge of what they view and share. Each morning, students receive a “power boost.” — a positive principle of online behavior. It  becomes the “password” to participate in fun activities. Students design a super-hero with real-life superpowers and the week culminates with a martial arts workshop reinforcing the superpowers of hard work and self-control.


Let’s Get Real

Let’s Get Real reminds kids that everyone needs real friendships, face-to-face, conversations, and real activity. This week helps kids be aware of how much time they’re spending on technology. They learn to make conscious choices in balancing their lives between school, media, work, family, friends and sleep. As kids complete a “Get Real” challenge each day they are entered in a drawings for real fun activities.


Be a Media Detective

Be a Media Detective helps kids to T.H.I.N.K when presented with a media message. Is it TRUE? HOW did it get my attention? Is it a good choice for me? This incredibly valuable week gives kids real skills for evaluating media whether in print, TV or online. Kids love earning their “mustache” as they become real media detectives!


Brain Power

Brain Power is a fun exploration of the brain science involving media. Can I increase my attention span? What activities strengthen my brain power? How much screen time is too much? Brain Power teaches kids how to respond to three media brain dangers— violent media, indecent images and too much screen time,—All while trying new, brain-boosting activities.


Children are not a distraction from more important work.

They are the most important work.




You Can Do It!

Don’t worry if you’re not tech savvy. You don’t need to be! White Ribbon Week is less about computer skills and more about decision making skills. It’s easier than you think!


Join the Movement

We love sharing our passion for media education and internet safety. Add your voice to this important cause and help us teach children and parents everywhere!






How Can I Help?

Are you ready to educate and empower? Here's 3 simple things you can do today to get involved with the White Ribbon Week cause.

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Write a Letter to Your Principal

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Like & Share Our Message

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Teach Your Kids

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Our Mission

White Ribbon Week programs build confident and resilient children who make conscious,

positive choices in media and technology.

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Our governing values:

White Ribbon Week is always positive and fun.

We promote using technology in safe, respectful and productive ways.

We empower children to take an active role in protecting themselves from harmful media.

We promote open and ongoing parent-child communication without judgment or shame.

We encourage children to adhere to their own unique family values.

We recognize pornography as damaging to individuals, families and society.

We do not use the word pornography in teaching children.

Our Scope:

The scope of our program promotes the safe, positive and creative use of technology while teaching skills to recognize and reject cyberbullying, online security dangers, harmful and manipulative media messages, media violence, excessive screen time, distorted body image and indecent content.



Whiteribbonweek.org provides these materials with the expectation that they will be used in a way consistent with our mission and values stated here. Presenting this material in any way contrary to our values or in a sexual or graphic way is not supported or endorsed by Whiteribbonweek.org. Adaptation of the program to meet specific school needs is appropriate within our value guidelines.  


Our Story

In 2009, Deanna Lambson, a U of U graduate, elementary teacher and mother of 6 decided to help the children at her local elementary school use technology in healthy and positive ways. She discovered that although there were a few lessons here and there saying ‘Don’t post personal information!’ or ‘Be kind online’, there was a huge void when it came to teaching kids how to navigate through a media saturated world. No one wanted to touch the topic of pornography. Deanna noted, “No one knew what to say. And no one knew how to say it to little ones as young as kindergarteners.”


Deanna was determined to change that. She enlisted the help of Sarah Jane Weaver and Lisa Anderson to develop a program to teach principles of media safety in a kid-friendly way. “Our goal is to help kids WANT to make healthy choices online. Our purpose is to leave kids feeling strong and empowered. And they do!” After a week of memorizing and discussing power boost messages, kids know what to do when they encounter media that isn’t good for them. They have the power over what they view, what they post and what they share.

“The response to our first White Ribbon Week program was astounding.” Deanna said. “Many parents told us that their kids were coming home and teaching younger siblings the skills they were learning from the program. The kids really got it and that was exciting!”

The program, “I’ve Got the Power!” quickly spread to other schools, was endorsed by the Utah State PTA and utilized nationwide. Deanna and her growing team have since published “Let’s Get Real”, “Be a Media Detective” and “Brain Power!”. Together they have formed a nonprofit organization, whiteribbonweek.org, to provide materials and support to other schools across the county. “We just wanted to help as many kids as possible,” says Deanna. “We provide the step by step program so any volunteer can lead a successful White Ribbon Week.”

“White Ribbon Week is fun!” says Deanna. “If you see a bunch of kids excitedly searching the school for hidden messages while wearing media detective mustaches, you’ll know white ribbon week is in full swing!”

Deanna is a frequent speaker and presenter. She and her husband Don live with their six children and three fainting goats in Sandy, Utah.


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