What is White Ribbon Week?

White Ribbon Week is a positive school program presented by volunteers or teachers that helps kids make healthy choices in media and technology. Every day, kids learn a new principle of online behavior—reinforced through discussions and fun activities. This program is research based and kid tested.

Each of the four programs below contains a step-by-step guide so that you, or any volunteer can organize a successful white ribbon week in your neighborhood school. No big budgets needed. No assembly required.


Our Programs

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I’ve Got The Power

With so many sources of media fighting for kid’s attention, parents and teachers understandably want to protect them from unhealthy messages. However, the real safety comes when kids feel empowered to make healthy choices for themselves. I’ve Got the Power celebrates personal power for all ages! It encourages kids to take an active role in what they view or do online. This empowerment helps them make smart choices in every aspect of their lives.


Let’s Get Real

Do you know a child who plays video games for hours or a teen who can’t pull away from social media? Kids are more “connected” than ever, but sometimes at the expense of connecting in real life. Although technology can be used in unhealthy ways, does it mean we need to completely unplug? No! A bright future belongs to kids who embrace technology in healthy, positive and innovative ways. Let’s Get Real is a positive, empowering curriculum which helps kids find a healthy balance between their real lives and digital experiences, and to use technology in positive ways.


Be a Media Detective

American teens average almost 11 hours of media consumption a day. It is crucial kids learn to think critically about the media messages surrounding them, whether on TV, online, in the movies, news, or print.  Be a Media Detective is a fun media literacy program which teaches kids to evaluate if media messages present a healthy choice for them, and what to do when they don’t. A good detective must look at all the clues and T.H.I.N.K.!


Brain Power

Brain Power is a fun exploration of the brain science involving media. How does media affect my brain? Can I increase my attention span? What activities strengthen brain power? How much screen time is too much? Does violent media actually make me more aggressive? Brain Power teaches kids about the amazing capabilities of the brain and which “Brain Dangers” to watch out for.


Children are not a distraction from more important work.

They are the most important work.




You Can Do It!

Don’t worry if you’re not tech savvy. You don’t need to be! White Ribbon Week is less about computer skills and more about decision making skills. It’s easier than you think!


Join the Movement

We love sharing our passion for media education and internet safety. Add your voice to this important cause and help us teach children and parents everywhere!






How Can I Help?

Are you ready to educate and empower? Here's 3 simple things you can do today to get involved with the White Ribbon Week cause.

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